The Servomotor based earthquake simulation system is a bench-scale single-axis earthquake simulator ideal for teaching structural dynamics, vibration isolation and topics related to earthquake and Vibration engineering. Users can define the type of motions such as sine, triangle, square, saw tooth or random to study the behavior under various input acceleration spectrums. With actual acceleration profiles of real earthquakes from peer database, students can study their effects on buildings, bridges and various materials. As a typical application, the Shaker Table can excite the flexible modes of a tall structure in order to design, implement, and evaluate a model to manipulate and dampen the structural vibrations.

Students learn how to:

  • Validate the structural model with respect to FEM results
  • Understand the behavior of models visually
  • calculate bandwidth curves based on the imposed position, velocity and acceleration limits of the shake table
  • Get an idea of the vibration damper and isolator
  • Effects of padding/stiffeners on the structures

  • Feature of the systems

  • Single-axis operation or dual-axis operation using two Shake Tables
  • Integrated safety features and limits
  • Supports scaling and playback of earthquake data
  • Ball-screw mechanism for robust actuation
  • Easy integration of user-built structures, third-party sensors and actuators
  • Designed and built for the structural labs in civil engineering studies
  • Precise and accurate positioning using high-resolution encoder and low-backlash guide
  • Standalone software operation using Shake Table software or highly-flexible operation and control design using control software.
  • Fasma signal analyzer system provides reliable and precise measurements for vibration monitoring and analysis applications. These rugged, compact modules are powered directly using DC Adapter power making them ideal for portable Laboratory uses with different input voltage standards.

    Main Features

  • Vibration Analysis system for Acceleration Sensing
  • Static and Dynamic acceleration measurement capability
  • Velocity and Displacement processing
  • Sensor interface through 6 pin Industrial MIC type connector
  • USB 2.0 interface for communication
  • Signal Analysis and data display application
  • Data Archival - Raw data as well as processed data in excel format
  • Real Time data display in time and Frequency Domain
  • User friendly GUI for control and configuration of the system parameters
  • Intuitive operation shortens the learning curve for faster implementation
  • Simultaneous display for vibration parameters for ease of analysis and modeling
  • 16/12/8/4 Channel - Data Acquisition system provides connectivity up to five triaxial accelerometer measurements
  • Embedded intelligence using hardcore DSP engine for high performance applications
  • Compact, rugged design holds up to any plant environment, unique solution using integrated module approach
  • Excellent protection for input supply upto 32 V and high immunity to external noise
  • Expansion connectors for mixed signal and Digital I/O functionality
  • Specifications

    Parameter Values
    Peak Acceleration +/- 3.2 g
    Sampling Frequency 1KHz -100KHz
    Analog Bandwidth DC-100 Hz (extendable upto 300Hz) hardware limited
    Input Coupling DC
    Max input voltage 3.3V
    ADC Dynamic range in bits 12-16 bits
    Acceleration Resolution 10 mg
    Frequency Resolution 0.05Hz
    Digital Architecture 16 bit, Dsp MAC based
    Antialiasing Filter type 3rd order Butterworth Passive LC
    External Digital I/O 8-16 Nos (optional PWM output)
    Supply standard 8-12V DC input
    Noise performance 4mV approx at FSR
    Communication USB 2.0
    Reference Clock Internal/ option for external phase locking

    Components of the system

  • Sensors
  • Single Axis, Dual Axis, and Triaxial
  • Labview based software
  • Linear power supply Adapter
  • Data Acquisition unit
  • 16/12/8/4 channel options
  • Direct AC input power options for benchtop applications
  • C++/Java based Application (development on request)
  • Acceleration Range options such as 3g, 10g and 100g approx. (sensitivity will change based on the range selected.
  • Laptop with the kampana Software installed in it based on the users choice of OS for operation.

  • Note: Customization of the software and hardware to whatever possible extent will be done based on the user’s requests and the feasibility. We will develop custom products for customer whose requirements are not suffixed using the existing product. Please get in touch with Senpronics for the same.


    Kampana – This application acts as the User interface to the Data Acquisition hardware; it uses USB as the communication medium. All the control, processing and archival is done using this application; we can verify all the features of the system such as Acquisition, offline data display, Archival etc.

    The GUI application lets you interact and control the system in a very friendly manner and perform the following functions:

  • Configure all input channel settings for the attached sensors.
  • Load/save multiple hardware configurations.
  • Data backup with time stamping for Archival.
  • Display acquired data during acquisition as absolute values and time domain waveforms
  • Time/Trigger/Even based data acquisition option.
  • User programmable Digital Filter settings.
  • Offline data plotting and analysis.
  • Perform FFT (Fast Fourier Transforms) operations on the acquired analog input data.
  • Open recorded data and view in tabular format for further analysis.
  • External clock reference option for precise timings and phase locking with other systems.
  • Selection for plotting data in time or frequency domain.
  • Spectral Plot of up to 500Hz frequency range with an excellent resolution as of 0.05Hz.
  • Displacement Vs frequency display plot for structural analysis.
  • Different file generation for continuous and finite time based data acquisition.
  • Channel selection for user, allowing viewing of individual plots for better visibility.
  • Real time parameter values displays for Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement along with time domain plots for the same.