Major Products in Senpronics

Custom Products

We design, engineer and provide complete prototype in house based on customer requirement. Specialize and manufacture all kinds of custom products for automation, electronic control measurement, and RF domains.

Projects and Services

Large Projects Experience

Digital control, Acquisition and Monitoring software.

  • Circular Aperture
  • Active Phased Array
  • Provides both DBS & SAD mode of operation
  • Triangular grid of 588 individual 3-elements Yagi's
  • Coherent 588 solid state T/R modules with a peak power of - 400 Watt
  • Advanced 4-channel digital Rx - having 16 bit ADC and Vertex-5 FPGA
  • Control Area Network (CAN) based beam steering and control
  • NAS Box storage in NetCDF format

Projects under Senpronics

  • Loading Frame
  • Radar Subsystems
  • Servo Electric Vibration Shakers
  • Water Quality Monitoring Systems
  • ATE for Aerospace Component Testing
  • Remote Monitoring and Control of Valves
  • Embedded Boards/Module Development
  • Temperature & Pressure Controlled Vacuum Chambers

Delivery Cart

Software for real-time monitoring of bags during delivery to seller, mother hubs, delivery hubs, and the final delivery car, e.g., Flipkart